Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift

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While a lot of women put significant effort into flattening their abdomen for a toned look, these same women may want more curves on their backside. One way to achieve this is with a procedure known as buttock augmentation. There are two ways this cosmetic surgical procedure is typically performed. One method uses implants to increase the buttocks' roundness. The other method makes use of a patient's own fat to do the same, and is commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift. Philadelphia-area patients should know that Dr. Laura Gowen at Cirillo Plastic Surgery employs the fat grafting method.

A Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction to remove fat from where it isn't wanted on the patient's body (often the abdomen, back, hips, or thighs). Next, this fat is injected back into the buttocks where the patient desires fullness. Liposuction in the lower back, flanks, and hips thins these areas, which also creates an illusion of fuller buttocks, adding to the effect.


The first step in a Brazilian butt lift is harvesting the needed fat via liposuction. This step has the added benefit of reducing unwanted fat in an area that could benefit from some body contouring. As mentioned above, common areas for providing fat include the belly, lower back, hips, and thighs.

Once removed, the solid, usable fat will be separated from blood and unusable liquefied fat. The fat tissue and cells will be injected into key areas in the buttocks to augment them in a natural-looking way. These fat grafts, as they are known, will connect with the existing blood supply. Many patients prefer the Brazilian butt lift over augmentation with implants for this reason. Using fat from a patient's own body minimizes the sorts of complications related to augmentation via implants.

Remember that a Brazilian butt lift is a combination of two procedures: liposuction and fat grafting. Because of this, the post-operative down time can vary, but patients should expect to plan for about two weeks away from work or other activities. A compression garment may be a necessary part of the recovery process, as it can help manage swelling and provide needed support.

More Information
  • Creates a buttock augmentation plan tailored to the patient.
  • Reduces unwanted fat in an area that could benefit from some body contouring.
  • Helps manage swelling and provide needed support.
Treatment Type Body Contouring
Treatment Problem or Condition Unwanted or Stubborn Fat
Skin Type Body Areas
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